Top Model Asia, Cycle 3 is the third cycle of Top Model Asia. This cycle features 16 Asian model hopefuls to compete for the title. Nadya Hutagalung, cycle 1 and 2's host resigned as host, making Sheena Deya, Top Model Asia, Cycle 2 winner, the new host for this cycle. 


(Ages stated are at time of contest)

Taiwan Beth Shee 22 Chinese Taipei Eliminated in Episode 2
Indonesia Ines Shenshura 21 Jakarta Eliminated in Episode 3
South Korea Yon Shi-lee 22 Seoul Eliminated in Episode 4
Thailand Janice Amorkjujanti 25 Phuket
India Ashanti Yujiusef 20 New Delhi Eliminated in Episode 5
Japan Eshter Okiwa 24 Tokyo Eliminated in Episode 6
Indonesia Hannah Jamun 23 Bali Eliminated outside the judging panel in Episode 7
China Uy Tiu Li 20 Shanghai Eliminated in Episode 8
Philippines Mariz Esperanza 20 Makati City Eliminated in Episode 9
Malaysia Yvette Shu 24 Pahang Eliminated in Episode 10
Singapore Jennifer Loo 22 Singapore City Eliminated in Episode 11
Hong Kong Betrice Eliu 22 Central (Victoria)
Vietnam Thu Thuy Ara 18 Hanoi Eliminated in Episode 12
Malaysia Kelsey Ng 19 Selangor Runners-up
Philippines Amanda Santiago 18 Alaminos
Singapore Natasja Beurit 26 Singapore City Winner
Sheena's call out order
Order Episodes
1 Ashanti Jennifer Ara NatasjaJenniferBetriceKelseyYvetteYvetteAraAmandaNatasjaNatasja
2 Yvette Mariz Yvette JenniferAraNatasjaNatasjaBetriceAraJenniferNatasjaAmandaAmanda
3 Ara Betrice Betrice AraHannahJenniferYvetteNatasjaJenniferAmandaAraKelseyKelsey
4 Betrice Kelsey Esther MarizYvetteMarizAmandaAmandaAmandaNatasjaKelsey Ara
5 Tiu Li Yvette Amanda Tiu LiAmandaTiu LiBetriceKelseyBetriceBetriceBetrice
6 Amanda Amanda Jennifer YvetteTiu LiAmandaJenniferAraNatasjaKelseyJennifer
7 Natasja Tiu Li Natasja KelseyMarizKelseyMarizMarizKelsey Yvette
8 Mariz Shi-lee Mariz AshantiBetriceAra Ara Jennifer Mariz
9 Janice Ara Kelsey AmandaEstherHannah Tiu Li Tiu Li
10 Beth Ashanti Ashanti HannahNatasjaYvetteHannah
11 Kelsey Natasja Tiu Li EstherKelsey Esther
12 Jennifer Ines Hannah Betrice Ashanti
13 Ines Esther Shi-lee Janice
14 Esther Janice Janice Shi-lee
15 Hannah Hannah Ines
16 Shi-lee Beth
  • In Episode 1; at panel, Esther, Hannah, and Shi-lee was the only three girls remaining, yet not called. Then, Sheena announces that no one is eliminated, leaving the three safe, but not being in a non-elimination bottom-three.
  • In episode 7; because of Hannah's departure before panel, Ara and Tiu Li were saved from elimination, saved from a non-elimination bottom-two.