Top Model International is an international reality competition. This is the international version of the original series, America's Next Top Model, created by Tyra Banks. The competition is still hosted by Tyra Banks. 5 aspiring American models and 11 girls from around the world compete in this competition.


(Ages stated are at time of contest)

Korea Song Yu Mi 24 Seoul, South Korea Eliminated in Episode 1
Netherlands Annika Melchers 18 Rotterdam, Netherlands
Germany Sabrina Sünderhauf 21 Hamburg, Germany Eliminated in Episode 2
China Yo Jee Ye 21 Shanghai, China Eliminated in Episode 4
Vietnam Le Thah Thao 26 Hanoi, Vietnam Eliminated in Episode 5
USA Jennylyn "Jenna" Mulcrony 22 Dallas, Texas
Ireland Jacqueline Gugu 26 Knocklyon, Dublin Eliminated in Episode 6
USA Dionne Mercy 24 Atlanta, Georgia Eliminated in Episode 7
Brazil Elayka Ziereikyu 20 Brasilia, Brazil Eliminated in Episode 8
USA Sarah Bultoagrazer-Smiths 25 Boise, Idaho Eliminated in Episode 9
USA Alyssa Jefferson 21 San Diego, California Eliminated in Episode 10
Great Britain Elisa Walkplummer 24 Retford, England Eliminated in Episode 3
Returned in Episode 7
Re-eliminated in Episode 11
Canada Felicia Whitneys 22 Toronto, Ontario Eliminated in Episode 12
Philippines Maria Isabelle Dimayacyac 22 Alaminos, Laguna 2nd Runner-up
Australia Laura Emersonn 19 Perth, Western Australia Runner-up
USA Brittany Asher 18 Las Vegas, Nevada Winner


Call-out orderEdit

Tyra's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 FeliciaAlyssaFeliciaBrittanyJacquelineLauraElisaElisaBrittanyElisaBrittanyMariaBrittany
2 BrittanyMariaLauraFeliciaAlyssaMariaBrittanyAlyssaFeliciaBrittanyMariaBrittanyLaura
3 SarahBrittanySarahMariaDionneFeliciaMariaBrittanyElisaLauraLauraLauraMaria
4 MariaDionneBrittanyLauraFeliciaAlyssaSarahLauraAlyssaFeliciaFelicia Felicia
5 Thah ThaoFeliciaAlyssaSarahBrittanyBrittanyAlyssaSarahLauraMariaElisa
6 SabrinaJee YeMariaElaykaSarahElaykaFeliciaFeliciaMaria Alyssa
7 AlyssaElaykaThah ThaoDionneLauraDionneElaykaMariaSarah
8 Jee YeJennaJennaAlyssaMariaSarah Laura Elayka
9 JennaSarahElaykaJennaElayka Jacqueline Dionne
10 ElaykaThah ThaoDionneJacqueline Jenna
11 LauraElisaJee YeThah Thao Thah Thao
12 JacquelineJacquelineJacquelineJee Ye
13 ElisaLaura Elisa
14 Dionne Sabrina
15 Annika
16 Yu Mi